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Hey guys, my premium membership lapsed after I changed credit cards. I have resubscribed, gotten confirmation last night, and can see my status as "Premium Monthly" under the Billing section of my account. However, I cannot access any premium content, and I am still getting "upgrade your account" messages all over the site.

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@balambfish: Hmm, sure looks like you should have access. Can you try logging out and back in?

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I tried that already, but this time it seems to have worked. Thanks, Matt!

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Same problem here. Logging in and out and clearing cache don't seem to have helped.

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@jungalero: Did you sign up on the site or through Paypal on the store? If the latter, I have to hook all of those memberships up manually. Will get to them all this morning, though.

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@jungalero: Nevermind, looks like there was a hiccup on our end. I just re-saved your profile; hopefully it'll work now.

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Wanted to report this as well, as I just resubscribed. I also wanted to report that it works the other way as well. If your membership expires and you don't log out, you still have access to Premium content until you do.

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Same issue here sort of. I just subscribed for the first time, not a re-sub, yet I still can't access premium content. Logged out and back in etc. I can post a cute puppy pic if fixed.

I NEED TO SEE JEFF LOOK IN JARS! That's what those videos are right, a bunch of jars and Jeff looking at them?

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Hey, it works. I gotta get that puppy pic.

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Hey, I resubscribed a couple of days ago through the Paypal thing and it's still not showing me as a premium member.