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Hey there. I've tried to set up the Notification Emails for PMs multiple times already, and I never get them.

I get all the Billing Emails without any issues since 2009, however, I've never received a single Notification Email.

ALL the boxes are checked on the Email Notifications area on my personal settings. The only place where I can register an email is at the billing information page, but that email is already correct and it's working. However, i've never received a single notification email when I get a PM.

What am I missing?

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Can you check your email spam folder? The billing emails come from a different address.

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There's nothing in my Spam folder. I literally get zero emails from Giantbomb.

I was wondering if my GiantBomb email was incorrect (as opposed to the Billing email), but there's no alternate setting for it.

It's a Gmail email, would that have anything to do with it? I go through all my Spam emails (because some of my important emails get there from time to time), but nothing from giantbomb.