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The strange thing is that the count at the top seems correct, but scroll further down...

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Wow... another "GB controversy" caused by Patrick's article. Lol.

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This is the best thing.

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The first ever comment at GB is so sophisticated.

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Holy shit this is awesome! This is literally a list of every post ever made on this website, from the day they built it until now.

It's actually continuously updating with people's posts from the entire GB forum!

Biff's very first post:

I would hate to hear it's another ho hum tightly wound gaming forum.

For example, I once sent a picture of an animated turd fucking another animated turd in the ass to Rich Gallup, it was all in good fun. Good guy and everything and I can't remember the exact context, but it was pretty benign.

Are there ridiculous filters in this forum, or can you say what you want within reason?




Get back to me.

Gerstmania motherfuckers,


Funny guy.


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Posted by Jeff - June 06, 2008 at 9:43 PM

I think we can all agree that hamburgers and sandwiches are related, but would you consider "hamburger" to be a subset of "sandwich?

The debate rages on.
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It went away.