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The top contributors list for Ouya contains only the most recent editor, Banshee. Other contributors can be seen in the wiki history, but they are not on the top contributor list.

Based on the point values in the wiki history it should be:

  1. MrCHUP0N (211)
  2. Jeff (31)
  3. Banshee (15)
  4. LordAndrew (5)

I looked at MrCHUP0N's points rollup and the points aren't there either. The points we earned for that page are gone.

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thanks for the heads up. We'll probably be doing another wiki points scrub after E3.

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@mrpibb: I have a tangentially related question: Game Guides give full wiki points now? If I help to restore guides but make no wiki edits I will appear on the top contributors?

Just curious what the intended behaviour and future plans are. Not sure my subjective opinion counts either way because I have/could both gain and lose contributor standing with the results. Objectively a well made guide can add just as much value to a game's page, to count as a contribution. I just miss seeing multiple guides. T_T

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Guides give full wiki points like descriptions. You should also appear as a top contributor too.