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@rorie: I just noticed a few games that have no release date set, as in 2014 or Q1 2014, but the API instead of giving me the correct expected_release_<> fields and a null original_release_date field, it's returning null expected_release_<> fields and an original_release_date field of January 1 2014. This is especially serious in my app as it organizes the user's games by release date.

The games I found with this problem so far were:

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
EverQuest Next: Landmark
Super Smash Bros.
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
The LEGO Movie Videogame
The Order: 1886

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API question? Sounds like something for @mrpibb

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We convert fuzzy dates (2014, Q1 2014, Jan 2014) to the first day of that period. I recommend that you check and see if the _year, _quarter, or _month is filled in. There's also a bug w/ us having some date conversion (which is why it's going from expected to original as the api thinks the game is released), but I don't think that will be fixed for a little bit (we need to clean some other areas up first).

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@mrpibb: Is there are particular reason for using the first day? Wouldn't it make more sense to at least use the last day? Because it's been causing some issues on games where someone has added releases for several territorials with fuzzy dates, which then end up taking precedence over confirmed dates for the first release date on the game overview when adding a new release and for general sorting by date.

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@mrpibb: That's the problem, the expected release fields are all null for the games with original release dates filled, so even if I ignore the original release date (which, as you said, is only showing for these games because of a bug), I still won't be able to get release dates for these games. There seems to be a lot of games affected by this and it really screws up my app:

Only temporary solution I can think of now is to just ignore the original release dates for january 1st 2014, so the app will set them to TBA instead of a wrong date.

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@blacklagoon: We do first day so it shows up on our date filters instead of at the end. My recommendation (and what we do in the code) is to check if there is a fuzzy param (month, quarter, year) before sorting.

That said, we'll work on a fix, but it unfortunately won't be available at least until the end of this month (we're actually thinking about getting rid of the epxect_release_* field completely as it is legacy and in some ways doesn't make sense).

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@mrpibb: Alright no problem, just give us a heads up before the change if you can. Dates are the most important and complex part of my app so I'll need to make the changes quickly. For now I'll just ignore the january 1st 2014 original_release_date.