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On gianbomb.com/videos/*/ pages, when other pages on the comment block is selected it just shows the latest videos in a different format (tiles are smaller?). I was using Chrome. This doesn't happen on the main video page (giantbomb.com/videos) but on all its subpages. I included a picture of it happening on the /videos/quick-looks page.

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Perhaps good to note: This only happens when you use the arrow buttons, using the numbers works fine, after you have gone to another comment page. To save you devs even more work: The <a class="icon icon-arrow-left"> and <a class="icon icon-arrow-right"> lose their href after going to another comment page :-)

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@nictel: Using the numbers doesn't work for me either, so it's not really restricted to page 2 for me actually.

edit: edited the thread accordingly for my case.