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Seem to have trouble downloading longer videos. Tried several different times and sometimes it takes over 5-6 hours to download. Then everytime when I scrub through it to see that it is all there, and about an hour in the last frame it could show (which is not the end of the video) just stays there as I finish scrubbing. This indicates that it has failed to download the whole thing. Also this is not just a problem with premium video, this same issue is happening when I try to download the Aliens Quick Look. But yet the shorter quicklooks that went up today have no problem downloading completely.

I am running a 2011 15" MacBook Pro and my browser of choice is Chrome.

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I'm having issues loading videos myself. I started loading the recent TNT over an hour ago and only twenty minutes has even buffered (using progressive). Sometimes the video buffer line will complete but trying to seek to the later parts of the video that apparently didn't download break the whole thing and the video needs to be reloaded, which has happened constantly for me with the Aliens: Colonial Marines Quick Look.

Pretty much anything over 20 minutes right now isn't watchable for me.

Also running Chrome, on a fairly recent computer.

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@rarespine: I was talking about clicking the download button and downloading it to my computer, not referring to watching on the site.

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Ah. Oh well, guess this topic has just become a two-for-one special.

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Seems to be an issue after the file sizes go over a certain size. The showdown effect QL in HD quality is downloading slowly for me and that's only 827MB. Everything under around 500MB downloaded extremely quickly but it seems anything above roughly that is slow as hell (1.1MB/s roughly)

Edit: Although that's not true, the Angelica Weaver QL is 1.4GB and downloaded at a good speed as well so no idea what the trigger is.

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@mijati: There are even times I have tried it on some of the longer videos, where it has downloaded quickly but it doesn't download the whole thing.

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Will look into this. Thanks for the bug report

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@rchen: Thought I would check in. I'm still having the issue where using the download button to download video files to my computer won't download the files fully if they are over an hour (in HD quality at least). I was wondering if there is an update to the situation?

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@tepidshark: can you take a look at alexis's post and pm the details? The link is here

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@mrpibb: Sent you the info. By the way if it wasn't clear before I was able to download HD videos fully from the old site. Something must have changed when we went over to the new site, maybe?

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Yeah I've been having the same problem too

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The new host for videos (akamai; the same hosting provider responsible for the atrocious PSN download speeds) is terrible and a downgrade from the previous host (amazon cloudfront).

With cloudfront I would get steady 3+ MB/s downloads peaking at 5 MB/s.

I barely break 2 MB/s with akamai.

Here is the stats for the download transfer speeds of the same video

HostCloudfront (old host)Akamai (new host)
Average Transfer Rate3.63 MB/s1.94 MB/s
Maximum Transfer Rate5.08 MB/s2.56 MB/s
Total Transfer Time (in seconds)1:513:28

This is why I hate the unnecessary bad rep Sony gets for the PSN download speeds, they use Akamai along with other CDNs (Limelight) that actually have decent speed its just akamai is the one used the most and unless you use proper dedicated DNS servers (OpenDNS, OpenNIC, Google DNS) akamai will be used almost exclusively over the CDNs.

In a nutshell Akamai is a web host that provide less optimal transfer speeds than most other CDNs they use to be good but have declined over the years.

/end rant

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@kmg90: While it definately sucks that the downloads are slower then before, my main issue is that the downloads don't complete fully. You can tell this by scrubbing through an over an hour video in Quicktime Player, and if the download didn't complete one particular frame will stay there as you are scrubbing through the rest of the remaining time on the video. If the download had completed fully I should constantly be seeing different frames as I scrub through the video.

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@tepidshark: Yeah, I understand and apologize for rant bombing the thread...

On topic, may I suggest using a different browser to download videos, Chrome doesn't have as reliable of a downloader than Firefox or other browsers, it doesn't have good "error checking" on file transfers.

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@kmg90: It is no problem. I got some of the them to work when downloading via the RSS feeds in iTunes, but it is inconsistant. I will try downloading in Firefox next.

Hey question, once you open up the download page, how do you start it downloading when using firefox?

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I'm having this problem as well. I keep on trying to download the tnt, or unprofessional fridays it will download 2 gigs and then just stop. Is there anything I can do about it?

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Just streaming videos, after about an hour of watching (and with the progress bar fully completed) the video will simply turn grey and stop working. Refresh, try again, and it turns grey in the same spot.