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I noticed one of the pages I followed when the site launched was edited yesterday, yet I received no notification of it. I assume this is a bug, since there's really no other reason to follow a page other than to be notified when something new happens to it. Also, I'm sure you guys are aware of this already, but images within wiki articles are not displaying properly in many cases, Doom II and Final Doom being two examples.

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I've noticed a few pages with broken images as well.

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Both of these issues still exist.

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those should be fixed now.

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@mrpibb: The Doom II and Final Doom pages appear to be fixed now, but there are many others still affected (HoMM II, Dark Forces II, Myth III, to name a few). Should I just post pages here that need to be fixed? Also, should I be receiving notification when followed pages are edited, or is this working as intended?

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list them as you see them, we have a script that we can run to redo all the images. Those others should be fixed now.

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oooh, heavy gear II. Haven't played that in awhile.

Those pages are fixed.