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Hey guys!

I have noticed this for a while now, I think it was even an issue on the old site, basically if you search for an alias (let's go with the "Zelda no Densetsu" [The Legend of Zelda games]) and you don't enter the very specific full title of a specific game, the result list only displays a tiny amount of the actual pages that have this alias.

I know this because I requested aliases for all the Zelda games to have a complete list for the whole franchise. Now if you enter zelda no densetsu you only get a handful of results. Same thing happens with one-word aliases like DKC (Donkey Kong Country) or NSMB (New Super Mario Bros.). The game wiki pages all have the necessary aliases to be displayed in the search but they simply don't show up unless you type out the full game name.

All these examples should list all the games in their respective franchise since they all have the same base alias (with the exception of New Super Mario Bros 2 which does not have a "NSMB 2" alias as I only just put in the request).

It defeats the point of acronym aliases for long names if the full results don't show up. :(

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Searching just seems completely fucked ;_;

Sometimes nothing shows up when it clearly should; other times a partial search's top result will get you what you want, but then adding an extra letter will then get you a rearranged set of results...