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I did a search but didn't see this posted. Apologies if I missed it.

On the New Games page, the platforms dropdown is now shorter than it was a week or two ago.

It used to have WAY more options (it was really clunky, to be honest, but now it's a shorter list. One without PC as an option.


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Whoops! Yeah, we were looking at some logic to clean it up and I think LtSquigs changed that list to only show systems released after 2004. Obviously the PC should be in there too. I'll ping him and see what we can do. Worst comes to worst we can revert back to the old behavior until we find a better fix for how messy that list was.

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I'd say it's probably about a year too early to cut off PlayStation 2 from that list too, it seems the sports games are still getting released there, though I doubt that'll happen when the next generation gets started.