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Now this is a weird glitch. My All Images gallery hasn't updated since March 27, even when I add images directly to it and not through any wikis or forum posts. The weird part comes in this:

I've uploaded all of those images in the past two days (except for Muscle Man; I have no clue what that's doing in there). They appear in my gallery when I scroll past the first 20 or so images, so the site itself is keeping track of what I upload. The problem seems to be with the actual image gallery page.

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Figured I'd bump this instead of starting a new thread. I'm basically having the same problem, but in reverse. I see my recent images in my personal gallery, but when trying to add images to the wiki from Previous Uploads, I click on All Images in the selection window (like up there ^) and can only see my last 15ish images. Then I get "Error occurred while searching. Please try again" when I click All Images again. Been getting this since early yesterday.

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hey dudes, sorry last week was dealing w/ our hacking friend.

looking into it, ping @tatsh

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This bug might be related: Bioshock Infinite will not load its image gallery at all. Not through the forums, not through the wiki, not through the tags. There may be other galleries with this issue, but if there are, I haven't seen them.

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We just pushed a fix for the galleries, please take a look.

i'll look at bioshock infinite. It was unfortunately targetted by the hacker last week so I had to recover it. Might have lost some associations in the process.

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No, my gallery still hasn't updated, even after a hard refresh (the command for which I can never remember).

And I was going to start a thread for a new image bug I found, but since I'm here, I might as well keep it all neat.

That small image should be aligned toward the center of the caption. I've noticed it with other images I've posted in blogs, but never to this extent. Then again, that's less a thumbnail and more the actual size of the image I'm using.

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@mrpibb: My issue seems completely fixed now, thanks.

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@video_game_king: @tatsh is looking into your issue. We'll also look into the centering, might be the resizing that we do.

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Just an update, we have the culprit. Hopefully have a fix in the next 24 hours.

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Good news: it seems to be working. Bad news: now I'm gonna have to categorize all the images I couldn't categorize before. (That's not a bug or a complaint against the site or anything; just me whining to myself, really.)

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This has sort of popped back up. Not exactly like last time, but I can't seem to access my images (it just reads zero on the count), and browsing my galleries from the forums only shows me the 16 most recent uploads and won't scroll past that.