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The retro-looking, cassette-tape type player does not work in Safari. For example, when I tried to play this podcast, there was no sound. When I tried playing it with Chrome, it worked just fine.

I am using:

Safari Version 7.0.3 (9537.75.14)

OS X Version 10.9.3 Build 13D65

Hope this information helps fix the problem.

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I'm not sure if the player uses Flash or not, but I am using the latest version (

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I have noticed this as well.

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I think there was an update for Safari, but the retro podcast player still doesn't work. I'm not expecting it to anytime soon, @rorie, just would like to know that there was a ticket for it and that it might get fixed someday.

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I can't verify this as I don't have a mac, but perhaps @alexisg can look into it.

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@hardindr: There is a power saving feature in Safari. Basically it forces flash plugins to need to be focused in order for them to play. While we workout the workaround for this you can do:

Safari Preferences -> Advanced -> Uncheck "Stop plug-ins to save power"

If this does not help then oh hmm damn it. We'll need to look into it some more.

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@alexisg, @rorie: Yes, enabling the plug-ins as Alex suggested fixed the problem, so thank you. I hope you can find a workaround at some point, because i use a laptop as my primary computer.