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Hey guys,

Letting you guys know the site is rendering very slowly on Nexus 7. Page refreshes slow and pages often become unresponsive. The saved position on videos always jumps to a point in the latter quarter of a video once I go back and play a video I have previously started. Pinning videos doesnt always seem to work and finally videos will sometimes crash with a 'can't play this file' error message if I expand to full screen and try and move the playback position too many times in quick succession (like if I'm trying to find the spot where I left off).

The site works and I do visit it on the Nexus 7 but I would definitely describe it as 'janky'. Love the site guys hopefully this info helps.

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I'm not getting any sort of slow rendering, but yeah, the video stuff has been this way. It's unfortunate. Seems to work better for me in the full site view, if that helps.