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Had several posts disappear and reappear. Leading to rewrites of posts and double posts and deletes and over-deletes. And whatnot.

Something's really really borked right now. Like the forums don't properly sychronize or something.

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Oh - I posted in Hailinels blog from the forums, and it shows up correctly on his blog, but completely out-of-synch on the forums.

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I know that when the servers have been slow it's taken a while for stuff to start appearing, but I've never heard of them vanishing and coming back. Weird.

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It also presents trouble deleting posts. So duplicate responses just stay instead of veing removed when Delete is selected. It's bizarre.

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Chances are this is replication lag or something that ends up messing up the cache, not sure what we can do other than get beefier servers. Will look into it.

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@ltsquigs: I've noticed quite a bit of this today, and it definitely seems like some sort of caching issues. I made a post earlier today, and when I looked at that thread on the forum feed, it showed that the latest post was from me. Inside the thread on the other hand, it took 5-10 minutes for the post to appear.

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