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When I'm listening to the premium version of the bombcast and pause it then come back to play it, it starts about 3 minutes back from where I paused it. The time code is the same but the audio is 3 minutes behind and I have to skip ahead to where I was. So if I'm listening then pause it at 30:00 minutes then come back and play it the audio is 3 minutes behind and I have to skip to about 33:00 to have the audio where I was when I paused it at 30:00 minutes.

I'm using Chrome.

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Have the same problem on Chrome. It's not a big problem but it gets annoying sometimes.

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Same here. I had this problem months ago, it seemed to go away for a while and now it's back. It's not just the premium versions either.

I have paused this week's podcast so much I have about 15 minutes left but I'm pretty sure the podcast is only half over.

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Right now I'm listening to Danny tell his embarrassing story and the player says 2:38:16 / 2:38:16 for the time. I'm also on Chrome.!

Edit: paused it while I went and ate dinner. When I resumed I was all the way back at the start of Drew talking about falling into his wall. The time stamp is still at 2:38:16 so I can no longer jump forward. I will have to refresh and buffer the show again. Oh well.