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I have been a monthly subscription premium member for a couple of months now, but just within the last couple of minutes it thinks I am on a free membership, and when I go to access billing history it is blank.

I am very confused please help?

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I think someone else had this issue, it may be a bug in the system, I'll see if I can find that thread.

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@sexytoad: Okay, thank you it just seems weird because when I go to the 'account management' page it does say 'cancel subscription' but when I click that it just says that you are currently not a premium member and shows me a link to purchase a premium membership.

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Hey Dextermon

I'll look into this issue right away, sorry for the inconvenience

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Hey @dextermon give it 5 minutes, logout and log back in; your subscription should be back

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@idbloc: All sorted now thank you very much for the quick solution