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Hi, I sent a email to support about this like a month ago and got no reply so hoping posting here fixes my issue. Basically, my premium membership keeps being active and without me paying for it.

Last month it was meant to expire the 14th and I think it was the day after (15th) I sent a email when I noticed my billing page was a day behind and my billing history was only showing the payment for January. Around that time you guys gave premium members a free two weeks so I kind of forgot about my issue.

Now it's the same thing. Yesterday I made sure to cancel my subscription to see if that would help but it didn't. My membership is still active until yesterday, the 14th, and yet I'm still a premium member and my billing history is blank showing no charges. I can confirm no funds were taken from my bank account during February and none yet for March.

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even more free time ? due to site issues ?

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This is the premium membership that never ends

And it goes on and on my frieeend

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Didn't they add some free time due to site issues? That might be why.

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They added two extra weeks due to site downtime at re-launch if my memory serves me right

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If people read the OP, he already mentioned he knows about the two week extension. Somewhere in the billings I'm pretty sure it will tell you when your membership ends. Well at least for me since I didn't enter a credit card, the membership was gifted to me :D

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It just keeps going on and on and on!

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First world problems?

Nah, I guess you´re an alright duder for actually telling them and being honest about it. Honesty is underrated.

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Fair play for pointing out a bug - even when he benefits from it.

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Have the same exact issue.

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Yeah, I'm getting this as well. My premium ended a week ago but I can still download videos, watch premium only stuff etc. I do feel a bit guilty, at the same time I can't afford more premium until the end of the month so may this free ride end when it ends!

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Pretty sure I'm having the same issue. My premium membership should have ended already. Fix this, Giant Bomb, so I can throw money at you!

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I have a similar issue. I cancelled my premium subscription well before my renewal date (prior to the site reboot which may be the issue) to make sure I was not charged for another year. Nothing personal, the site just isn't for me anymore. Just moving on. Naturally, I was charged for another year. Of course messages and emails are conveniently not being returned. Looks like I'm out $50 but I guarantee you I'll be cancelling this credit card before CBSi takes any more of my money without permission.

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Some people, started subbing, not knowing what it was..

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@breadfan: moneyzzz!1!!

Should be fixed; I know you all wanted to be non-subscribers :>

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@idbloc: How long until the fix takes effect or do I have to do something on my end? My account page is still saying I'm premium until March 14th. Cancelling still does nothing.

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Sorry to bump an old thread but it's happened again. Yesterday was supposed to be my last day as a premium member but it's still going. Exactly the same problem I wrote about at the start of this thread.

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Same here. I'll be renewing it soon in any case, but my premium should've ended a while ago I think

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The honesty here is outstanding. :D

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@gnatsol said:

The honesty here is outstanding. :D

yeah seriously

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@absent_hero: Sorry, to clarify, your account was supposed to auto-renew but never did? Or did you cancel this account earlier?

Some of you might be running into the premium grace period. There's usually a cooldown in the premium accounts that allow you to still access premium content for a few days after a membership expires. Unfortunately the grace period isn't very clearly displayed at this point, and I'm not sure anyone even knows that they're in it. We're looking at making it a bit clear as to when people are in the grace period.

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sorry guys @idbloc has been on vacation. I'll take a look into the issues and see what's going on.

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@rorie: Hope the screenshot helps explain it a bit better. It's pretty much that my account stays premium past the date given. Was not aware of that cooldown so that might be what I've got going on but last time it was this way for about a month before I noticed. I do not get charged for this extra time so that isn't a issue. I've done monthly before like a year or so back and I don't remember this sort of thing happening so when I saw this I just assumed something was wrong.

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@absent_hero: I guess my question was whether you had cancelled your account or if you were expecting it to auto-renew.

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I was someone who contacted support about this same thing, and Rorie got back to me and explained about the grace period. My subscription supposedly expired on May 14, but I still had premium access until just yesterday. That's a three week period, which is longer than it should have been, I guess? Don't know if that's working as intended.

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@rorie: Yeah, I cancelled right after subscribing. After your reply and the other person who had the same issue I'm going to guess this is the cooldown and that this is normal. Sorry for making a thread about something that isn't a issue at all, I just had never heard about this cooldown. Thanks for the explanation.

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My sub just ended it seems. Started April 21st, cancelled after it expired (that is during the grace period that seems to be super long)