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The premium podcast feed is busted. When inputing a password in a 3rd party client (like instacast), it won't authenticate.

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@sil3n7: got it, we'll take a look

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Can confirm it doesn't work in itunes either

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Yup, tried even copying pasting the exact same fields I put in when logging into the website, says password is incorrect.

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I imagine this doesn't help any at this point, but I'm having the same problem with Juice too. More data can't hurt!

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we will be rolling out a fix soon for this. little authentication block we put in place had a bug :)

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This is fixed.

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Not to be a pest, but it still isn't working for me. Anyone else still having problems in their RSS reader of choice?

[Edit:] All on my end, sorry to bother.

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I am a reaching out to my tribe b/c of the following issue that started in the last few days or today. (only heard from member today) Was wondering if anyone knew of any changes that might cause this with s2member, itunes, blubrry or any other of the moving parts... Maybe even an itunes/Apple policy change?

What happens when entering username & password into itunes Podcast Authentication Required dialogue box it returns the following message,

"The name or pw entered for erichschiffmann.com was incorrect. Please try again."

and it IS the right password foSho

Although the itunes / blubrry / s2member "podcast password subscription authentication is Broken the rss feed works fine! Password authentication and everything else.


After using blubrry to deliver a protected podcast (protected by s2member wp plugin ) for well over a year working perfectly as of yesterday it now rejects password on itunes sign-in dialogue box. What changed please help members really NOT happy.


thank you