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So, I'm sorry if I put this in the wrong area, but I'm not sure where to say this. I know that some time this month my Premium membership lapses, so I just checked my billing page to see when it ends. Turns out it ended on the 8th. I bought my premium during last years Thanksgiving sale, and got about 3-ish weeks extra from the new site launch.

Now, the problem is, I still can access Premium content. On the 11th. Not that I'm complaining, but it feels pretty wrong. Should that be happening? Is that a bug? I plan on topping up at the end of the month, so its not a big deal if I lose premium status now, but I feel kinda dirty for being able to see UF when I don't have Premium...

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Your avatar still has a gold ribbon, maybe it auto renewed?

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There's a seven-day grace period after a subscription runs out, just in case a card gets declined. We send an email about the card getting declined and wait seven days to try it again. If it fails twice, then we cut off premium access. The same grace period applies even if you just cancel your account, or it expires. So enjoy a little free time! It'll run out on the 15th or so.

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That makes sense. Thanks!