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I'm in the process of migrating my HTPC from XBMC to Windows Media Center (which can pick up RSS feeds that are subscribed to from IE). When I initially navigate to the premium video RSS feed, I'm able to log in successfully and see all the links. However, once I subscribe, even after entering my login data, I keep getting errors with parsing the feed.

Has anyone tried this setup?

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I've never tested this on Windows Media Center or XBMC..I'll see if I can find a machine with that installed to replicate. It could be that Windows Media Center just can't really handle authenticated RSS feeds.

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@rchen The issue isn't with WMC, but with IE itself. I'll add some screenshots to show the steps I'm seeing.

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I tested with IE on windows 8 and subscribed to a premium feed. Didn't see any issues there for me.