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So this probably isn't a bug, but it seems like someone might've accessed my account?

My status was set to 'Cheap Ray Bans 85% off!' followed by a link that assuredly does not at all take you to buy cheap Ray Bans.

I'm fairly certain I did not post that, unless I got very drunk and did not remember getting very drunk and then did not remember filling in all my friends on the amazing deal I just got, but I do not have a pair of Ray Bans in my possession so I don't think that's the case.

I'm gonna go change my password now! Thanks!

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@dietomaha: I believe statuses on here can also be linked to a twitter account, so your most recent tweets show up there. So maybe it's an old twitter account you have that was actually hacked?

Or you've suppressed your embarrassing passion for Ray Ban sales long enough that it's caused some sort of Jekyll and Hyde situation. Good Luck!

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Oh. Right. At first I thought, no way it's Twitter, I never actually tweet anything!

But then I went and checked it. 20 tweets about cheap Oakleys, jerseys, boots, pretty much whatever you would want!

....so if you guys need anything, gimme a call, alright? I have what you need. And if I don't, I WILL GET IT FOR YOU.

Also it's probably a good idea to never click on a link I post just to be safe.