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Whenever I pause a video for any length of time over a few seconds, and then resume playback, then the video will play through whatever content has already been buffered (without buffering any new data), and then stop, even if there's technically time remaining in the video. The video also doesn't appear to buffer any new data while paused.

Browser: Version Google Chrome 25.0.1364.97 m

Anyone else having this problem?

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Progressive? Auto? or HMTL5?

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@waterlovinguy said:

Progressive? Auto? or HMTL5?


It appears to be all of the above.

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Same situation with me too. It'll work fine, but if I leave it paused for a while, the issue your described will pop up. I believe for me it's auto. Or whatever the mobile is. My Surface is recognized as that so I don't have the standard video options.

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@LucidDreams117 and @Count_Zero
For 'HTML5,' that is using the browser's native video player, so if it's not buffering upon pause that, unfortunately, is not really something we are actually controlling. For 'Auto,' that is Flash RTMP, and it will not buffer more than about a sec by it's nature.

But, for 'Progressive,' that is good ol' traditional Flash progressive download and it should buffer to the end of the video (memory notwithstanding). Are you both saying that also fails to buffer?

Thanks very much for your input.

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Hmmm. For me, I can't tell what option the site is using. It's whatever option is the just the red play button, with low, high, HD, on the bottom. I can't change between progressive, HTML5, or auto. If I pause and let my screen dim, and turn off on my Surface, like any smartphone or tablet out there, after I unlock it again, the video will play for a couple minutes more and then nothing. So I refresh the page and all is good. It's times like those that I really appreciate the new feature that resumes my video from the previous spot.