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For awhile now I have had the HD and SD video RSS feeds in my netvides.com account (RIP Google reader) and they have been working well. A couple weeks ago they suddenly were empty. I tried to delete and add them again but it didn't work. netvibes does nothing and newsblur tells me there isn't a valid feed at the URL:


I try other feeds and they work fine.

I tried a desktop reader and it worked so I believe I am entering my credentials in properly.

Anyone else having this issue?


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We've heard some issues regarding RSS feeds lately and we're looking into it. Sorry for the trouble.

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@phestan: Hi,

Can you try going to that link in an Incognito browser window in Chrome or in another browser where you are not logged into the website?

It should prompt you for a login and password. The login is just your username for the site (not email) and password is the same.


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@rchen: Yes it worked as expected. Use incognito window in Chrome, it popped up a user/pass box and I entered my username (not email address) and password and I saw the XML data.

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@rorie: Thanks for letting me know, now I know it's not just me and it's being looked into.


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I just tested with netvides and was not able to get the protected feed to work. I entered in my username/password and nothing seemed to happen after. It may be a problem on their end with authenticated feeds.

I also tried a bunch of other web-based RSS feed readers and many of them seem to have a problem with authenticated feeds. I found this site that allows you to type in your username and password once and get a feed URL that works with all readers, you may want to try that ( I just tested and it works).

If not, I recommend just using iTunes (File > Subscribe To Podcast) or NetNewsWire if you're on a mac.