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I'm able to upload a new profile picture, but the profile picture itself won't update as soon as I leave the upload page. Tried closing browser, restarting computer, and logging out/logging in again.

Using the latest version of Chrome on Windows 7.

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@emofratparty: Are you pressing the save button at the bottom of the screen before leaving the page?

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@emofratparty: Are you able to upload images anywhere on the site? E.g. to this forum thread?

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@darthorange: Yes.

@rorie: Yes, I just uploaded one to my profile. I'll add the same image here...let me know if you are unable to see it (I am able to see the image).

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@emofratparty: Hmm, yeah, I saw it. Not sure what's going on, but if you want to PM me the new profile picture I can update it for you manually.

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@rorie: Will do, thank you for the support.