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As the title says, the promo strip stories don't appear under "Latest Stories."

Reason why I care: I'm on a laptop with a 1366x768 resolution, so Giant Bomb's home page is rather annoying, as it only displays one article, and half of the image of three others. (See first image below.) That's not really useful at all. I've been getting around this for a while by using a browser plugin to remove the "kubrick-lead" and "promo-strip" elements of the page so "Latest Stories" was the first thing I saw. (See second image below.) This worked great and was an excellent way of browsing the site up until around the time Dave left. Before things changed, the four articles that were in the promos also showed up under "Latest Stories", as they should, since they are new. Can you please revert to that functionality?

Alternatively, if you have some reason for changing it, can you please make a version of the page that isn't so utterly useless on 768p? I really don't like having to scroll down more than an entire screen height just to see content.

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Oh, I don't mean to imply that Dave leaving was the cause of this change, I was just providing an approximate time of when the change occurred. I don't know exactly when the change happened, but it did used to show all the articles.

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The reason we removed it was because it was basically duplicating all of the content, so when users scrolled down the page if the first four articles just happened to be showcased items then it would look really odd. We also shortened up the page since users were not getting down to the forums box and the user showcase items without a lot of scrolling. Things are actually a bit more compact now and I think most users get a better sense of what is going on throughout the site.

As for the kubrick-lead, I know for certain that a lot of people actually use this unit. It's large enough to fit the video player since many people just want to watch the video right on the homepage without having to go to a separate page. Sorry you don't like it. I'll take your feedback into consideration but certainly know that I am trying to balance ease of use on the site, density of many different content types (news, video, forums, wiki objects, users, etc) and presentation.

I suppose if you really really need to get rid of the kubrick lead you could manipulate the css with an extension to just strip the style parts out and make them look more like the river. Something like this should get you started.

.body-home .kubrick-info {
max-height: 0 !important;

.body-home .video-size {
display: none !important;

Obviously a lot more would need to be done to get it really simplified but there is a start. Sorry long, long day. Tis all I got for now.

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Thanks for the explanation and tips, Alexis. Just one quick question. You have a version of the site for when the viewing area gets too narrow (the mobile version), any plans for a version of the site for when the viewing area is too short?

Thanks again for all the work you do on the site. You're awesome. :-)