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As other premium members may have noticed, Chat went insane today during the Backflips 'n BioForge livestream.

Random people were being banned and the cooldown for chat was going up and down like wild at one point. There was even a Poll posted that suggested more random banning. I saw over ten premium members banned for no reason, and chat had to be shutdown once a mod showed up. Hopefully they can all be unbanned and steps will be taken to prevent this happening again.

Someone else created a thread about this, and their thread was deleted. So, I am somewhat concerned that this is bigger than just chat, but I hope it is getting under control now.

The Mod staff are aware of the problem and have said they will let members know more as soon as possible.

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@truthtellah: I still see a thread here

I wasn't on there though, how crazy was it?

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@sexytoad: It got pretty crazy. Someone likened it to being in a slasher movie.

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yeah I saw all of that including the previous thread about this. No idea wtf was going on.

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@sexytoad said:

@truthtellah: I still see a thread here

I wasn't on there though, how crazy was it?

That's a separate thread made after the other was deleted. Though, it sounds like staff may have deleted that one to limit the response a bit, but I can't say for sure.

It was indeed crazy. People posting comments were just being banned right and left, the cooldown on comments went up and down, and there was even a poll asking if people wanted more banning. Members would mention the random banning and then get banned. Looks like someone got into the chat system or got moderator authority.

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We're aware. Thanks.