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A couple of days ago, users have been unable to save new videos using the Video Buddy.

The videos that were on the site prior to the middle of this week work just fine - can be streamed or saved. But something must have changed on Tuesday or Wednesday, because almost all of the newest videos can't be saved (tapping on the 3.5" disc button). They do still stream, though -- so I haven't been completely shut out from watching videos on the iPad like I always do. But I always used to save the videos for watching later. (Canada - bandwidth cap garbage).

There is one exception among the most recent videos - Crysis 3 Quick Look. That works fine. The Metal Gear Quick Look, which apparently was on the site before the Crysis 3 QL, cannot be saved. That just seemed odd to me.

Anyway, I mentioned it to @rchen in the chat during Unpro Friday, and it sounded like an unknown bug, so that's why I made a new thread for it.

Considering it's related to the API, it's possible that this problem might also be affecting things like Roku, Boxee, etc., so if someone using something other than the site or the iOS app could verify that, that might be a big help.

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<p> Not sure if this is at all important, but I'll mention it just in case - when you tap on the 3.5" disc button of a video that isn't saving, the pop-up box disappears immediately. It doesn't animate or fade away the way that it would if you hit "cancel".</p>

The Quick Look for Year Walk works. The previous video, last night's Unprofessional Fridays, does not.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure this is because the Year Walk QL was recorded a while back, before this problem began to affect every new video.

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I can confirm that I have been having similar issues with random videos not able to be downloaded in the iOS App. For example, the following videos are saveable:

1. Quick Look: Capcom Arcade Cabinet for 02/20/13

2. Quick Look: Impire

3. A Grown Man In His Underwear Tells You About Destiny

These videos, however, say that they are added to the download list in the app, but never show up in the queue:

1. Thursday Night Throwdown - 02/21/13

2. Meet the Future of PlayStation with Us

3. Jonathan Blow Wants to Test Your Brain With The Witness

These are just a few examples; there are others in both categories, but I can't seem to pinpoint any common factors between the ones that work and the ones that don't. It would still appear to be some odd bug in the API. Furthermore, all these videos stream fine in the app (the problems only seem to involve saving).

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I believe that the Android video buddy is similar--these videos download fine. I am not sure if this query belongs to the site or the app developer, as this is a third party app.

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Same here - I can't download anything but the recent Quick Looks.

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Found another issue - the "low"-quality videos that are saved are actually the "mobile" quality. Before the change, there was another size/quality in between "mobile" and "high" -- the app appears to be pulling the "mobile" quality videos and labelling them as "low".

Here's a rundown of what I can save in the iOS Video Buddy from the past week and a half. Anything not listed cannot be saved.

  • Quick Look: Year Walk
  • I Love Mondays: 02/25/13
  • Quick Look: Capcom Arcade Cabinet for 02/20/13
  • Quick Look: Impire
  • Quick Look: The Bridge
  • Quick Look: Crysis 3
  • Quick Look: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
  • A Grown Man In His Underwear Tells You About Destiny

Grand Total: 8 of the 27 videos added between A Grown Man... and ILM 2/25/13 can be saved. 75% of them are Quick Looks. Every Quick Look could be saved.

Just get it fixed before Blade Runner on Wednesday, is all I'm really asking for.

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Mobile quality is no longer offered. Only low and high for everyone and HD for subscribers. The Video Buddy app is a third party app so you may have to contact the developer to get it updated.

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I think you're right. Thanks for the heads-up.

Looks like the place to do it is this thread: http://www.giantbomb.com/forums/general-discussion-30/ios-app-giant-bomb-video-buddy-545452/?page=2