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As the title says, first of all I'm really happy you guys finally got rid of the appendixes to thread titles when they were attached to Wiki pages. It was confusing and I'm glad to see it gone.

However, on the downside it also appears to have killed the (Article) tagging, so stuff like Patrick's latest articles just look like Forum threads now. It's important, I think, to distinguish those from the rest given their difference in content. It would be nice too to see (Blog) return for the users on the site.

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I know we have a bug in for the Blog thing; I'll see if I can add it back in for Articles as well.

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@rorie: Sweet! Looking forward to it.

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@rorie: The new blog/article icons are fantastic, thanks guys!

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Now if we can just get rid of the "Answerable Question" feature altogether it would be perfect.

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@chaser324: True, I don't think I've ever seen it used correctly.

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@bollard: Yep. I've mentioned it several times, but if it isn't going to be removed, the phrasing on the New Topic page should really be changed. I don't blame people for not immediately understanding what "Allow this post to be an answerable question" actually means.

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