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Tonight, I've had a couple of wiki edits receive an error message upon submission. The red error bar appears at the top of the page, and the two submission options (submit and cancel) are greyed out.

The edits appear to be saved in the system somewhere. In my wiki history, they exist as "Pending" edits (but I don't really ever see those anymore because I have plenty of points).

Here's my wiki history: http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/homeslice/wiki-submissions/

As you can see, edits 51321 and 51296 have Pending status.

I'm not sure whether that means they will eventually be approved by a moderator or what.

I'm on a MacBook Pro and use Chrome, in case that's helpful.


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@homeslice: Sorry for the error, we're looking into it.

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@homeslice Seems like we had a database issue. Should be fixed now.

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Thanks for looking into it. Just a moment ago, I thought the problem had re-occurred, as it showed an error message and greyed out the submission options again.

However, when I looked at my wiki history, the edit was there, and had been automatically approved, as if everything had gone okay. The changes were also showing on the edited page.

Websites are weird!

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Had another error of this type - from what I can tell, the wiki edit (65404) has no record as a submission (nothing at http://www.giantbomb.com/wiki/moderation/65404/), but the changes made to existing people were made in the Red Dead Redemption credits, while new creations to be included on the credits page were not made, and no wiki points were awarded.

I'd like to continue the page, but I don't want to create new people in the database when it might not be necessary.

Update: The submission was denied, for some reason. http://www.giantbomb.com/wiki/moderation/65404/