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While messing around waiting for today's TNT to start I noticed you can instantly reset your chat cool-down by refreshing the page. I'm not sure if the message actually gets sent out to everyone or if it only appears to me as if I've gotten around the cooldown, but that seems like it would be really easy to exploit.

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@taku128: Hmm, I just tested it with our test account 'uploads' and set its personal cooldown to 1000. Then as uploads I typed something and the cooldown started...then I hit refresh and it started again from 999 down, which seems correct.

If it's not too much to ask can you demonstrate via a screecast or record a video?


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I can't actually provide video because I don't have the proper software, best I can provide is a screencap. I asked for someone to respond to me in the chat after making about three comments in ~20 seconds to confirm people could see me spamming and someone responded to me confirming they could see it, so it's not just showing up on my end.