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The only way I can resume a video after hitting stop on various Roku's is exiting the GB channel and then starting it back up and hitting resume on the video. But if I try to stop a video and then hit resume nothing happens. Any ideas?

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I'll take a look.

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Seconding this issue. Resume after pressing back, or play from start both do nothing. Additionally, after a failed attempt, no other videos can be played without restarting the application.

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Was there ever a resolution to this problem? It plagues me. Actually it seems broader than that: if I exit a GB video in any way other than using the back button (the <-- button, not the circle-arrow, which never seems to do anything anywhere), especially when exiting via up on the remote dpad, no videos will subsequently play at all and sections (e.g. Latest) won't update until I exit and reload the GB channel. This non-functional condition also seems to kick in randomly, sometimes when loading a video (buffering stops; app is then broken), sometimes while a video is playing (stops; starts buffering; buffering stops; app is broken), etc. @frobie ? @rorie ?