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I've not had this bug before, but trying to submit a review for Thomas Was Alone I've found the site just not taking my review score. I put in my rating, but it just comes up as 0 stars after I click submit, or on one occasion half a star, and I can't attempt to edit it afterwards because there's no option to do so when you load it back into the editor. I doubt the issue is to do with the client I'm using, but for the record I'm getting this in both Firefox and Chrome.

Edit: Okay, so if I can sneak this in here I've just discovered a related bug. By creating reviews and then deleting them, you can drop your review count below what it logically should be. I've done at least 42 reviews on the site, but from deleting the bad reviews over this bug, my profile now reports that I've written 39 reviews.

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@gamer_152: Hmm, yep, this does appear to be busted. Sorry for the trouble, I'll bug this immediately.

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we're looking into it.

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@gamer_152: oh is that what happened? I saw you posted a review, but I couldn't get it to load.

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we just rolled out a fix, apologies for the error. We'll be going thru old review this weekend to fix them.

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@rorie: @mrpibb: Thanks guys. Just a little extra information on that second bug. It seems not only can the review count on your profile drop below your actual number of reviews, but on the reviews themselves the review count doesn't seem to be affected by deleting reviews. So if I have 43 reviews, then create a 44th one and delete it, my reviews will still retain the message "gamer_152 has written a total of 44 reviews".

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@gamer_152: About this: It might be part of an issue I've been referring to as reviews vanishing into the "Zero Releases Ether". Almost everyone who has a dozen or so reviews has one or two that the site cannot display because they were attached to video games without releases before the big switch and thus became inaccessible. I had a gander through your reviews and found that you have one as well - the one you wrote for Bejeweled 2. That might be part of the reason for your erroneous review count.

I want to believe all these reviews are still intact and in the database somewhere, but just cannot be accessed right now. I imagine it'll be a hell of a job extricating them all from the site's code though, so I can understand why it's on the back-burner right now. I'd certainly appreciate getting my Barkley Shut Up & Jam Gaiden review back some day, since I forgot to back it up anywhere.

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@mento: The easiest way to fix this is to get more releases in the system :) . There's about 1k games with user reviews that don't have releases. As soon as the games get releases, we can get the reviews up and showing.

@gamer_152: yeah, saw that when i was testing and deleting reviews. Should be an easy fix that we'll get out on Monday or Tuesday.

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@mrpibb: Now that's the sort of thing for which Wiki Tasks were invented. I think I'll get started on adding releases to games with these "Void Reviews" (should be easy enough to find, thanks to that "list users by number of reviews" feature you guys implemented) so we can get a handle on this.

I did add a release to the Barkley Shut Up & Jam Gaiden page shortly after the switch and the review didn't transpire, so would I be right in assuming that there just needs to be a slight database tweak on your end to attach that old review to the new release information? And this will be the case with the others to follow?

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@mento: yup. Right now the reviews are in limbo, once releases are created, we need to just link the review to the release and it will display.

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@mrpibb: I've done some of the preliminary work: After checking the review lists of everyone with more than 18 reviews (I figured I'd make a good cut-off), I've got a list of around 250 of these "void reviews" to work from. You said there were about a thousand total, but for now I'm just going to focus on getting releases for these games (if they don't already have them - as with my case, some releases were added between now and the switch). I'll PM a list of the missing reviews to the engineers once the releases are in place sometime this week.

Oddly enough, a huge number of them are for the vanilla version of Street Fighter IV. For whatever reason the first incarnation of that game currently doesn't have any releases on its page.

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@mento: thanks a lot for doing that! We used to have a list of games without releases, i'll go dig it up to make things easier.

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I'm bumping this thread because I'm having a similar problem. I wrote a review for The Walking Dead, and when I published it I saw that the score is 4* instead of the 5* I meant to give it (I'm not sure if I clicked the wrong star or it didn't publish right). I edited it to 5*, but it somehow got published as 4 1/2*. Now I can't edit the score anymore. I'm using Chrome 28.0.1500.95.

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I am having the exact same problem as @audiobusting, 5 star reviews are 4 1/2 when saved and I can't change the score when I go to edit.

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I'd just like to note that if there was an update to the site to try and fix the review counts on reviews and profile pages, it didn't work. Mine are still displaying the wrong numbers.

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@thesilentgod: hey all, the scores should be ok now... I'm still working on converting user reviews for missed releases.