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Hey all, just checking in on this again. I posted a while back about reviews (and lists) getting mysteriously upvoted by the person who created them (in this case, me), despite that person not even hovering anywhere close to the "upvote your own review and look like a giant jackass?" button.

I suspect what might be happening is that other people are upvoting the work and the feedback erroneously credits the user instead. Because I've just poltergeist-upvoted my own Tomb Raider review three times now and I'm fairly sure that's impossible.

Apologies if someone else has already brought this to you guys' attention. I'm not the only person who writes reviews/lists here so I assume this is happening to others as well.

(Using newest versions of Chrome and Win 7 Home Premium)

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@mento I just up voted your review, did you just up vote your review?

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@dagbiker: Yes. So that is the issue, then. Thanks for testing it out. (And also sorry for making you wait! Jeez, I'm absent-minded at times.)

I'd thank all the people who upvoted it, but given the current circumstances it'd be more self-congratulatory than anything.