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giantbomb.com/reviews is only showing the Guacamelee! review. The Guacamelee! review isn't showing anything either. I tried it both on my laptop's Chrome and my iPhone's Safari and neither worked.

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Same here (Google Chrome 26.0.1410.63 on Ubuntu 12.04). Yet it has 75 comments already, so it work(ed) for those people, I guess. Other reviews are loading fine.

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Yeah, same problem here. I wanted to check out the comments in the review and saw that the whole things was broken. But it's only Guacamelee. Hopefully @snide or anyone else sees it soon enough.

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Yep. On latest Chrome, latest Opera and latest Safari.

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It be busted for me as well. latest Chrome

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Same. Latest Chrome for me.

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same for latest version of Firefox. (also I though this was a thread about how review scores are poorly implemented/detrimental, hah)

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Same, latest Chrome (26.0.1410.64)

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I'm able to see all the other reviews, but for some reason Guacamelee! hits a 500 error. (This is on latest Firefox)

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It works for me now =D