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In "Question" threads it's possible for the original poster to select a post as the "Best Answer" to the thread, which causes the post in question to become highlighted in green, marked as a right answer, a placed beneath the OP.

This hasn't been happening though. Not immediately, anyway.

Though the "Settings Saved" message fades in and out after I click the "Best Answer" button, whenever I refresh the page the post I selected as the correct answer is not highlighted in green nor is it right below the OP as it should be.

Eventually the answer does become highlighted, and I can't tell whether that happens after some time passes or only after someone else posts on the thread. I'm inclined to think that it's the latter though, because the last two times I marked a post as a correct answer, whenever I noticed the answer had finally been highlighted at the top someone else had already posted on the thread since I had marked the answer.

I tried refreshing the page several times, and I tried clicking the "Best Answer" button per refresh, sometimes more than once. Nothing seemed to work.

What's weird is that the thread is still marked as "Answered" when you view it in the forums.

That happened in this thread and this one. The latter one isn't even marked as "answered" in the forums, but that might be due to it already being locked.

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Hey @snail

Bug was noted and we already have a fix that will be pushed as soon as we can. We restructured the forum system so we can make improvements (speed among others) while limiting the errors.

For now, press the button once and it will eventually show up after a little while.

Fix is coming; sorry for the inconvenience!