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All subscriber videos TNT, etc appear on my roku screen you can hit to play them and in the loading screen it will immediately back out . Any help is appreciated for a avid Roku Giant Bomb watcher kinda depressing to pay for stuff and it not work. thnx

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@masteryoh: go all the way back to the home menu then try accessing the content.

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@masteryoh: go all the way back to the home menu then try accessing the content.

There isn't anything different you have a home page showing the channels then Giant bomb channel listing their videos the only separate thing is Giant bomb has channel tabs like latest / reviews / etc. I could try removing Giant bomb and adding it back

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Working fine for me on my roku player. Couple things you could try is making sure your account is linked since TNT stuff is subscriber only also might suggest if possible try connecting the roku box directly through ethernet to see if it might be a connectivity issue on your end. Good luck.

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I see what happened my subscription to Giant Bomb got cancel without my knowledge of it. Whatever reason that might of been anyway since I fix that it now works. Thanks for the help

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no problem.

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I am having the same issue. My account is fine. It's working on my other roku device. Could it be a limitation that only allows you to link to one roku?