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Mostly looking for a work-around. Right now when I load GB and try to use the nav bar drop downs to move to a different part of the site, it has difficulty registering my input on the drop down. Instead it usually still has a focus on the main page.

For example i'll click on video --> subscriber, and it will start playing the spotlight video. I've tried different levels of zoom but that doesn't seem to help. I HAVE been able to get the drop downs to work, mind you, (with the drop down Bombcast link) but it generally takes a few tries.

Any work arounds? Or just a better browser to use on my iPAD?

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iPad gets the (mostly) full site, right? It's not optimized for touch. Those dropdowns are supposed to open on mouseover. Don't tap on them. Try to get it to recognize a mouseover without recognizing a click.

I'm not sure how you'd go about doing this iOS, so experiment. On Android depending on the browser you can touch the element and then move your finger away, or hold it until the context menu pops up and then dismiss the menu.

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@mrangryface: i'll take a look. That might be our responsiveness being a little wonky.

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