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ive been watching some videos on the new videplayer for a bit, and ive had this recurring problem. on the new videoplayer (as well as the old one), i press fullscreen and the scrubber bar doesnt ever fade away. its obtrusive and eats up the bottom of the screen.

im using google chrome and win7 64 bit if it helps

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I've just been using Ctrl - to shrink it down. Super annoying.

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It goes away if I put the cursor down at the bottom, but not to the right as it used to.

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I've found that once in awhile if you just scrub to another location (like a few seconds back) it will start hiding again.

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I filed a bug for this. Sorry for the trouble!

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I have this problem as well!

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I used to have this problem in Chrome but now when I slide the mouse-pointer off the screen to the right, it does vanish after a bit. As intended I guess.