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When moving the seek bar around while in the progressive or streaming setting, it doesn't actually move to the indicated time on the bar. Rather, the video either jumps to a point ahead or a point behind. So trying to rewind a few seconds to see something I missed means I've got to rewatch the past minute or more.

I don't know if this is a limitation of the new video player or not, but it's a bit annoying.

Also, I'm running Firefox.

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I have also noticed that it fails to accurately convey the amount you have progressed through the video. There are times when I look at the time and see I have a few minutes to go, but the progress bar seems like so much more than it used to be (yes, I know it is relative to the total amount of time, it still isn't right).

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Yes, I noticed this earlier today.

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It also never makes it all the way to the end of the bar by the time the video ends. [ Firefox v19 - Windows 8 ]

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Same thing happens on iOS Safari and Chrome on my end, the seek bar can only go to specific points in the video.

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@theht: Since you're a Premium member you could use the YouTube player as a temporary workaround. With that player can also use the arrow keys to rewind or skip ahead.

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Yeah, the seek intervals are really annoying.

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any news? the new seek bar is very anoying.

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I've got a question on this topic, but it doesn't require its own thread. How come online videos never play up to the point it says it has buffered? For example, it says it's buffered 50%, but it stops after 40%.

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It's not smooth, it seems to go in chunks. But it's never been so off that it bothered me, even in longer videos. If you need that much accuracy, use a different method to play the video.

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This is my ultimate first-world problem. Whoever perfects frame-accurate scrubbing for streaming video will be lauded as a hero.