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anyone else from europe (Germany) having problems watching videos? They all start pretty ok, but then the connection starts to slow down so much that the video stops, even on medium quality settings. I cant download the files either, because the download will straight up fail after a few minutes. All this started on sunday, i think.

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I just realized that it's only the premium videos (breaking brad: Völgarr - parts 1-4). Weird

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@kortex: Is it just the Volgarr videos? I don't know that there's anything specifically odd about those files. If the downloads continue to fail, you might want to try a download manager like jdownloader that'll let you resume downloads if they fail in the middle of them.

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I'm having the same issue, but I'm here in the states. I can't watch any videos premium videos because they don't have the YouTube option and all the other options only work about 10 minutes before it gets stuttery and stops altogether.

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Having this exact same issue as well. Having to refresh the latest episode of UPF every 3-5 minutes just to watch it, as it completely stops all the time.

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Are you guys watching on mobile or PC?

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having this same issue watching the episodes of load our last souls. from the states here as well...

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When the new video player rolls out, we'll file bugs for everything involved with it. Hopefully within the next day or two.