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Since yesterday the site has decided that Firefox 30 on my Windows 8.1 laptop is a mobile device, and there seems to be nothing I can do to convince it otherwise. It basically gives me the reduced phone version of the site even with the browser full screened. I've tried logging out and in again, restarting the browser, restarting my computer, even deleting all "giantbomb" related cookies. Chrome seems unaffected, but I'd rather still use Firefox so this is pretty annoying.

I think it started when I resized the window with GB from full to half-screen to watch either a quick look or the Bot Colony stream on the left side of the screen while I had a game guide open on the right. It was convenient at the time, but being stuck with a reduced version of the site is not.

Also, there seems to be no obvious way to log out of your account on front page of the mobile site. I guess it's not a feature often needed on mobile devices, but I kinda feel it should be there.

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Well, your laptop is mobile isn't it? lol

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What's your screen's resolution? What does this page report when you have the browser maximized to full screen?

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@chaser324: Resolution is 1920 x 1080. According to that side Firefox has a viewport size of 1536 × 755, while Chrome has 1536 × 765.

Wait, is that normal? I would have expected the horizontal to be closer.

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@blacklagoon: That definitely doesn't seem right, but it also isn't reporting a narrow enough viewport to explain why you would be seeing the mobile version. Is it possible you have your browser zoomed in? Try CTRL+0 to reset or CTRL+'-' to zoom out. If not the browser, do you have some sort of accessibility tools that have your whole screen zoomed in?

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@chaser324: Huh, didn't know about CRTL+0, that actually fixed the issue. Occasionally one of those wonderful Win 8 touchpad gestures will change the text zoom, and I guess that's what happened here. Didn't realize it could cause the site to switch to a different design. I guess Firefox was just being helpful and remembering my preference for the site. Anyway, issue solved, so go ahead and lock.