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For some reason the site is a giant resource hog on my computer. It’s been happening for a while now. As soon as I enter my CPU usage for chrome will jump from about 2-4% to 25% which sets the fans on my laptop going. The site will also hog more and more memory until it has about 400000k at which point the site becomes pretty much unresponsive.

This happens even when I just have a GiantBomb tab open in the background and I’m not actually using it.

I’m running:

Chrome Browser

Windows 7


6GB ram

If any more info is needed I’ll be happy to give it.

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If the site gets to a point where it's unusable for you, you can also contact us via email at support@giantbomb.com

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@sweep: Will do, its been happening for a while, but I usually download the videos so its not a problem. It gets bad if I try to read an article or the forums, I had to copy this in from word to stop it locking up.

Is there any more info I should put in the email that would be helpful?

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So strange, the site barely registers on my CPU usage.

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This is happening while you're watching videos on the site? Sounds like it may be a Flash issue..give HTML5 a shot.

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@chris24680: Might be worth mentioning what version of Chrome and Windows 7 you are running. Have you tried an alternative browser? It sounds like you have some weird cookies or cache settings for the site or something, but that's just a guess. Don't listen to me, I'm an idiot.

Shoot off an email to support Rorie will pass it along to the engineers.


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Very odd as I'm running an anti-virus scan and have several tabs open (one of which is Netflix on another monitor) and I'm barely hitting 25% myself.

If you're using Chrome's 'cloud settings' feature, you could always delete your account off your machine and re-link it (your settings, bookmarks and extensions will be pulled from the cloud).
It might fix it, assuming it's a Chrome malfunction.

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@mb: No it's just when the site is open, I don't really use the video player.

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as others have mentioned, try the site through FF, IE or any alternative browser to see if the problem persists. Also check your Crome extensions for anything unwanted

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@mb said:

This is happening while you're watching videos on the site? Sounds like it may be a Flash issue..give HTML5 a shot.

I was having this exact problem whenever I would watch anything on this site. The whole HTML5 thing worked.

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@chris24680: You might check if it's pre-loading pages; if chrome is trying to cache all the linked pages you might go to from the GB home page, that could be bogging it down. There's a description of how to turn it off here:


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I just wanted to say thanks for the HTML5 suggestion. I'd been noticing that my CPU would routinely jump to 95% or more if I tried watching a video in filled browser mode. After switching to HTML5 I am only seeing around 10% CPU usage. Not sure what exactly is causing the massive difference, but glad to see it nonetheless.

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@chris24680: please keep us up to date on the solution, we're tracking this seriously as we have lightened up the pages in recent weeks.

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@mrpibb: I think I've worked out what was causing the problem. The problem only occurs when I have both the adblock and after the deadline chrome extensions are enabled at the same time and only on giant bomb. If I whitelist the site on adblock (which I thought I already had) or disable one of those two extensions the problem goes away, which is strange.

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@mrpibb: It seems like I was wrong, I still get the problem even with those turned off.

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@chris24680: Have you tried a different browser? Does it still happen if you use a different one?

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forums are busted

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Yup, they're super fucked.

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Super. SUPER. Fucked.

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Ah, lol, I thought it was weird no one said anything for 3 hours.

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Patrick just mentioned that the problem is with a "data centre". So the devs are powerless when it comes to fixing this problem. It seems like the WYSIWYG problem is just something on top of that.

Would've been appreciated if the devs reached out somehow via these top few threads and cleared things up.

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Real quiet Friday for GB, I expect that next Friday, not this one.

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Dave, site's busted.

Site's busted, Dave.

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sorry all, we had a replication issue (so even if i posted, nobody would see it). Now resolved and working w/ the operations guys to make sure it gets picked up earlier. As far as the WYSIWYG issue, we'll get it resolved in the next 3-4 hours (it was ready yesterday but got held back due to a bug somebody added in that we caught before release).