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Chrome version 24.0.1312.57 on Windows 7 and Vista.

The site loads OK but links don't go anywhere (clicking on them does nothing), videos don't load and I can't log into my account at all. Same behavior if I turn off all my plugins. On Firefox 18.0.2 the site works without any issues.

Anyone else seeing this or is the problem on my end?

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Same setup but i haven't really had any issue using any of the site's functionality. I get a 500 error every other click but a refresh usually works. I'm assuming the 500 error is just the site's stability which is still a bit sketchy.

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@eclectic: What chrome extensions do you have installed and enabled in Chrome?

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Try resizing your window in Chrome, the site crashes completely, lol.

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@tsubomi: Mouse gestures and adblock plus. It looks like it's been fixed.