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For some reason, Your account does not stay logged in when going to the site, it shows you logged off and you have to log in again each time when time passes.

Using Firefox btw, Haven't tried with the other browsers.

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Chrome as well. And mobile site.

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ok so i'm not the only one experiencing this issue.

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True for me as well. On Chrome, mobile. (On my Wii U as well for what it's worth)

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Strange. I'm having the problem with the current Firefox on my PC. Not terribly inconvenient, but worth noting.

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For chrome and my IPad it only happens once in awhile. The mobile site however always logs me out. Pretty annoying but not a huge problem

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It's always done this for me on chrome, old sites and new. Every 2 to 3 weeks, or so it seems never really took note of how long it goes between logouts, I get logged out only on this site. Never been bothered by it really.

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You won't stay logged in.

Seriously, this happened to me too. Also, I'm writing in black and I hate it.

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It's also happening to me.

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I was just about to ask this too...

Same as everyone else is saying. I use Chrome and I keep getting logged out.

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JUST happened again. Not 4 mins ago.

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Also having an issue of being logged out. Chrome on win 7.

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Also having this issue on latest Chrome

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Yeah i just made a post and it logged me out right after, and has logged me out a few other times thru-out the day. Would be nice to know if this is a bug or something to do with last night.

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Same here.

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Happened to me two minutes ago, and I also get this shitty formatting happening too. Latest stable version of Chrome + Windows 7.

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This is intentional. Chaser just said as much in the thread about recent security problems.

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They will have done something with the cookies while they work out how they got breached.

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@fattony12000: Yeah that black text stuff has been happening to me off and on the last few days as well. Kind of annoying.

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Most likely doing site-wide logout of all users due to the recent security issues (ensures hacker/account stealer gets logged out as well).

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Throwing my hat into the "me too" pile.

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Was there a Daily Dota today?

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Was gonna throw in 'me too' but I guess it's intentional for now after reading Rorie's thread.

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Yeah this was the result of some craziness, should be all good now though.

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@ltsquigs: That's what people said last time, and then it happened again.
They're everywhere.. waiting.. in the walls.
You can't see them but you can hear them.. whispering, laughing.. just waiting for the next opening and BAM! .. they get us again.

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Same here. Firefox 20.

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Good work everyone for making a thread about this. Saved me the trouble and I got my question answered. Hope everything works out with that security thing.

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Hopefully this gets fixed. I have this problem with FF and Chrome.

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are you all still seeing login issues? You should have been logged out once if you haven't checked the site since around 12pm PST.

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And its still happening, I haven't been on the site for a few hours and it showed me logged off.

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happened to me to today. Came to the site three times today and every time it said i was logged out and had to log back in.

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Again it happened Mobile site this time waiting for Chinese food.

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Is anybody still running into this issue, in the last couple of hours?

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Just happened to me for the first time, using chrome

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The live chat says I'm not logged in when I am actually logged in. Is this just a default message because of that hack thing?

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The live chat says I'm not logged in when I am actually logged in. Is this just a default message because of that hack thing?

I'm assuming so. My guess is they're not risking chat until they fix the issue.

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The live chat says I'm not logged in when I am actually logged in. Is this just a default message because of that hack thing?


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@euandewar said:

@librorumprohibitorum said:

The live chat says I'm not logged in when I am actually logged in. Is this just a default message because of that hack thing?


ditto here.

edit: This worked for me. Logged out and back in again and then closed all chrome tabs and reloaded the chat and I am in.

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Chat works on FireFox, but not Chrome.

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hey dudes

Please make sure you close your browser and relog again. We did a series of session clears and it's possible that you're in a middle state (had the same issue w/ chat and a relog fixed that).

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Hey it worked! Thanks Pibb and Monkeyman.