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Does anyone else with an iPhone 5 feel that the sight is sluggish? For some reason sometimes when I try to scroll up or down it doesn't respond. This never happens on any other website.

#2 Posted by MrMazz (1157 posts) -

I can't get giantbomb.com to even load on my iTouch G4 using Google Chrome or the native Safari app. Works fine on my Nexus7 but not on my iTouch.

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I have an EVO 3D and the mobile site has issues for me. No matter what page I am on I can't access the menu on the top right of the screen, when using the forums, text-entry is extremely slow, and videos haven't been loading for me. Everything was fine during the first and second day of launch(when it wasn't down), but after it started to get sluggish.

I hope this doesn't make me sound like a whiner because I really do love the new site.

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Just came in to start a topic like this. Yeah, the new site feels very sluggish on my iPhone 5. The best example I can give is that I can't open the little menu thing (you know, the one with 'videos' and 'forum' etc) until the site has 100% finished loading. That's currently taking 10-15 seconds, sometimes more. Like, the site will be loaded up as far as I can tell, but the little blue progress bar in my Safari browser hangs at about 90% of the way for about ten seconds. Until it finishes I'm unable to hit the menu bar at all. Meaning that, whenever I want to load up the site on my phone and go to the forums/check out the latest videos or whatever, I have to sit watching a progress bar on the home screen. Honestly, it feels like dial-up modem days! Is there not a way for that to be available as soon as I can see it. For comparison (I'm sure the site is getting a lot of these comparisons...) I can access the drop down menu on Polygon as soon as I can see it, even if the site isn't fully loaded. I hit it and it appears straight away.