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Before I start, I use Firefox Nightly as my main browser, so everything shown here is taken from that.

I was looking for the tour of the “new” office and a few issues came up. Whenever I typed “office” into the search box, it stops at “off” most of the time.

I have to go back and make an edit for it to actually search the full string. (confirmed in IE10 as well) If I type really slowly, it seems to work.

Secondly, search results are being truncated to the width of your container, rather than the width of the page:

Thirdly, it would be really useful to have the date it was put up on the site listed in search results—perhaps next to where it says “Video” ?

On the video page itself, it would be useful to see the full date, rather than month, day, and time. Time probably isn’t that useful from a user-facing perspective, especially if you are in another time zone.

I clicked the first result and ended up on the tour of your last office, but couldn’t be sure unless I checked the comments date or started playing the video.

And in this screenshot you can see another issue. The download button overlaps the video description.

I suspect this was done to avoid stretching the page or having it disappear on videos with longer descriptions though, if the list displayed below rather than above the button.

A minor annoyance is that you now have to click the download button. I understand why you might not want elements that react on mouse-over, but you are using them in the nav bar, so consistency would be nice.

Another suggestion would be to change from three wide to four or maybe even five wide on the video page. Three wide looks fine on tablets, but huge when you’re on the desktop.

Five would be my preference, but four is probably more fitting with the rest of the site design.

An issue that came up when writing this post: is there no way to embed external images? I would really prefer not to upload everything to your servers, especially after seeing what it has done to that JPG.

And I understand why you would want to have a rich editor, but could we have a plaintext option? Writing posts in BBCode, HTML, or whatever you want to use, is so much easier for a lot of things such as: [url=http://www.a-link.com][img]http://www.imagehost.com/myimage.jpg[/img][/url]

Inserting images and links via the rich-text editor is tedious, and that way I don’t have to scroll past a huge image when writing.

Also: something about your editor breaks universal scrolling (is that the right term?) with the middle mouse button.

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Oh, and the results in your rich text editor are not consistent with the actual post. It looked like this in the editor:

And this on the site:

I had also re-linked the thumbnails to the original host, but they seem to have been reverted to their original http://static.giantbomb.com/uploads/original/ address.

But at least that isn’t super compressed, which is the reason I did it in the first place.

Being able to have medium-sized, centre aligned images would be nice.

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try now.

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