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If it's just on my end then that's really weird, but something strange is happening. There's usually a lot of posts within a few minutes in the forums, but the forum is not displaying that right now. Weird stuff like the username of the last poster in a thread being that of someone who posted earlier in the thread as well as a thread being on top of another one with a more recent post.

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Forum is haunted. It's the only explanation.

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Yeah, same situation on my end too. This sorta thing's been pretty common on the wiki--long delays where the site's still trying to actually 'catch up' with what's going on--and it's ridiculous to see it's crossed over into the forums.

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We are looking into this

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I've noticed it too. My posts aren't showing up, and neither are my threads.

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@azurath it never shows up or it takes time to show up?

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Things are taking a long time to show up.

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Yeah I've been noticed that the "Last Post" field is almost always wrong. Just started a day or two ago.

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We located the issue and we are going to monitor how the forums behave during the next days. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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It's happening again.

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@aegon: Is it? Seems fine to me.

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@aegon: Is it? Seems fine to me.

Yeah, it definitely was. Don't know for how long though. I guess it's an off and on thing for now.