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Experienced this in Chrome on two different Macs now. When a video has finished playing, the audio repeats with a gray picture. The timeline also starts over again, but the player controls does not work (I can not stop the audio from playing without refreshing the page).

Both Mac are running OSX 10.8.3 and the latest release of Chrome.

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getting this on 3 different computers using chrome,

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Known bug and we're looking into it. Sorry!

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Not to revive a very dead topic, but it has been half a year and this still happens, probably not the most important thing but is is a little irritating

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@kavukavu: I wouldn't expect any bugs to the video player to be fixed since they're supposedly moving to the new gamespot video player.

Which btw can't happen soon enough. The current player is hot garbage!

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@pr1mus: @kavukavu: what Pr1mus said. We'll be shifting over to the new video player soon; this should be fixed when that rolls out.

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@nilsth@vao@rorie@kavukavu@pr1mus This bug is caused by AdBlock.

With AdBlock disabled you'll notice this doesn't occur. It's unlikely it will be fixed on this old player.