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Sad pandas are sad because no one using a phone can quote this :(

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I saw a quote button when using the mobile site yesterday, but it didn't do anything.

Baby steps..

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@Humanity Sounds like theyre still getting used to the new office...

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I had a dream last night that the 5 ghost messages in my inbox finally disappeared.


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@gladiator_games: Well it really is baby steps. I haven't looked at the bug thread to see what they're currently working on but the mobile site really could use a little more love. Also I don't know if it's just the way the site is built or what but I've been begging to add cookie crumbs on the bottom of the forums (it's the Forums>General Discussion>Thread ) sort of thing. It would really take some strain off my mouse wheel that I have to flick up the entire page to get back to forum index.

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this is really bugging me, I'm sitting in class there's been 4 or 5 things I wanted to respond to, but haven't been able to...

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It's causing me to post a lot less, just like @TooWalrus said there is so much I want to respond to, but I can't!

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Will look into it. Thanks!

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@rchen: How about an "Upcoming" section on the mobile version? Although I realize thats a lot more work.