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I'm on Chrome and Windows 7. Just like the subject line says, I normally have the dark theme, but when I came on the site this afternoon/evening, I'm stuck with the white theme and the dark theme button doesn't work.

I know this is minor, but I figured I'd report it anyways.

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I'm just gonna lay down the obvious possible fixes.

Did you close the browser and launch the site up again?
Can you change the theme while signed out?

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1. Tried that first, no change.

2. Tried that second. Still can't change the theme.

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Clearing your cache and/or deleting the site's cookie might fix it.

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@chaser324: Just tried that. No luck. Oh well, no biggie. It seems like it has something to do with Chrome, because I tried the page on IE and it allowed me to change theme color. The button simply doesn't work in Chrome for me. Oh well.

Also, the strange thing is I never changed it to white. It was set on dark theme last night when logged out, and it was white when I logged in today. Curious.

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I'm sorry...I am so sorry.

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Not a bug but a feature! White theme is the best

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@clutch414: One more thing you might take a look at is bring up the developer tools (Ctrl+Shift+i) and then click the button. See if when you click the theme button a little red X and a number show up in the lower right hand corner.

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I'm sorry I had to make that joke

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@chaser324: Tried that. No red X, no number. *shrugs*

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I know this is an old thread but it seems like this bug is still ongoing. I accidentally discovered a workaround last night in Chrome after mistakenly clearing my cookies; go full-screen (F11 in Windows) and the button should work.

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Yeah I have this problem on Chrome as well except I'm on a Mac. It works fine on my Windows 7 Firefox for me.